Peugeot e-Rifter Long Allure Premium

Report 6 Ouch doesn’t quite cover it. A catch-up bill from Electricité de France (we don’t, ahem, like to nationalise our utilities unless it’s other nations nationalising them) tells me I need to add £1,785 to catch up, while from now the monthly bill for gas and electricity will more than double to a hernial […]

Weigh to go!

My son asked “So how much does this e-Rifter weigh?” It seemed a decent question. He wanted to know the weight compared to the last vehicle I ran. Pound for pound, might there be some bargain to be savoured in the Peugeot. So we checked the scales and he’s kind of right. Here’s how the […]

Peugeot e-Rifter Long Allure Premium

First Report Like swapping a thong for elasticated shorts, I have traded the compact chic of Vauxhall’s Mokka-e for a large roadgoing brick. Let’s kick off with full disclosure. They’re not going to shout this in the brochure, but Peugeot’s new and now solely electric Rifter range (this being the director’s cut seven-seater) owes its […]

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