What to do if you are convicted in your absence…

You may be surprised to know that it is common for motorists to be convicted of offences without them going to court and sometimes even without their knowledge. The motivation behind this piece is that I have recently been trying to help a client who committed a minor speeding offence. He sent the NIP (Notice […]

The Old Bill again

Hi Doc,   It’s not like me to think on the down side, but this time will the cost or repairs to my old car be just a bit too much? (I’m not blaming my workshop for the cost.)    Earlier this week, I saw the warning sign showing on the speedometer that my next […]

How to import a passenger vehicle into the UK

Importing a car into the UK? You can either do it yourself or ask an importer or shipping company to do it for you. Gavin Braithwaite-Smith investigates.   Have you ever considered importing a vehicle into the UK? There are certain steps you must complete as soon as the car arrives in the UK, and […]

Non-receipt of Documentation

Q About nine months ago I sold my car, and very soon afterwards moved abroad with my family on a work contract for three years. I completed, and sent, to the DVLA a form notifying them of the sale of the car. We rented out our house in the UK and had post forwarded to my […]

Legal eye!

We explore the legal requirements about how good a driver’s eyesight has to be.

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