Drink and drug driving by non-UK heavy goods vehicle licence holders

Recent distribution problems have highlighted the shortage of UK lorry drivers available, exacerbated by the backlog in testing new lorry drivers within the UK. Fuel forecourts and empty supermarket shelves are testaments to what seems to be an escalating problem as we move towards winter. Emergency visa applications have been submitted by European lorry drivers […]

Don’t end up on the naughty list this Christmas

Christmas can be a hectic period for everybody. Running and rushing around, panic buying, darting from one Christmas party to another. Whilst we would always advocate enjoying the festivities to the max, it is, unfortunately, a time that we see a sharp increase in the number of road traffic allegations brought against motorists. Police activity […]

Blowing Safe

Most sensible drivers stick to soft drinks ahead of any car trip. It is dangerously daft to do otherwise: hazardous for personal safety and that of others, and also risky for licence preservation. But there are also many who enjoy a drink, but aim to play safe by having just one or two, hopeful of […]

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