A fate worse than breath?

I never thought I’d need a home breathalyser. Not because I’m some soberer-than-thou abstainer, but because the drinking I do is indoors, when I know I have no need to go back out. But if you find yourself out socialising with your car keys in your pocket, there’s never been a better time to be a […]

Being in charge of a vehicle at Christmas

How many times have you heard that people have returned to their cars to sleep off alcohol or as a place of safety as a last resort following a night out drinking? Most people imagine that as long as they don’t drive the vehicle, the decision is a sound one, but that’s not so. We […]

Don’t end up on the naughty list this Christmas

Christmas can be a hectic period for everybody. Running and rushing around, panic buying, darting from one Christmas party to another. Whilst we would always advocate enjoying the festivities to the max, it is, unfortunately, a time that we see a sharp increase in the number of road traffic allegations brought against motorists. Police activity […]

Don’t get caught out

Motorists are at greater risk of committing offences unknowingly compared with pedestrians. The moment you get into your vehicle, you are immediately subject to hundreds of laws. Rather than let you get caught out, below are some common scenarios that may lead to criminal charges.   Alcohol   Everybody knows that drink driving is an […]

Drink drive offences and post-driving consumption

Question I had a glass of wine with dinner in a restaurant near to a holiday cottage I had rented. It was the first night and I had dropped off my luggage at the cottage before venturing out in search of a meal. I was staying in quite a remote location and on the way […]

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