Paint protection and sealant

If you find yourself looking at a product that seems to have hundreds of competing suppliers, all advertising heavily, then you can be sure that the profit margins are high, as they are with car paint protection products. As a buyer, it’s easy to become confused, and therefore quite vulnerable. Like when buying a new […]

What beats a running flush?

Hi Doc, I have had a subscription for Diesel Car for about 20 years and over these years your advice has influenced my choice of vehicle. In the days when DIY maintenance was possible, you also saved me fair bit of cash, and I always find your section in the magazine interesting and informative. So […]

Mods and Rockers

The modified car scene has changed. Unless you’re a particularly skilled mechanic, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to pop the bonnet on a modern vehicle and perform the kind of DIY tune-ups that formed the culture decades ago. If tinkering is your thing, then you’re likely going to need a car that’s at least 15 […]

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