Vehicle stopped for driving without a front tyre

Police have previously stopped a motorist for driving a car with its front tyre completely missing. There was no front panel on the driver’s side, with what appeared to be leads or cables trailing along the road behind it.     Officers stopped the vehicle in Pembrokeshire, and it was confirmed that the vehicle had […]

Falling asleep at the wheel

Q I read recently of a motorist falling asleep at the wheel and being convicted of dangerous driving. I thought that dangerous driving was for really bad driving, like racing and being reckless about endangering life. I thought that the motorist in question might be convicted of careless driving, but not dangerous driving. Was this right? […]

Dangerous Driving

Q  I was recently driving along the M40 motorway in light traffic and carefully entered lane three to overtake a lorry in lane one, and a vehicle travelling at around 65mph in lane two. I had my cruise control set at an indicated 73mph and noticed a car fly up behind me and start flashing its […]

Warning of intended prosecution

Question I have been served with a magistrates’ court requisition for speeding, but I have not prior to this received a notice of intended prosecution. I was stopped by the police at the time (about three months ago), although there was no accident or anything of that kind. All they told me is that I […]

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