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At Motoring Defence Solicitors, we receive countless enquiries about speeding and the associated penalties. Many believe that speeding offences can always be dealt with outside of court, so when a summons arrives through the letterbox, they have questions. The aim of this guide is to ensure that whatever speeding offence you may have committed, you […]

Failing to identify driver

Q I am being prosecuted for failure to identify the driver at the time of an alleged speeding offence. On the day in question, my wife and I were driving from London to catch a ferry to the continent for a holiday. We were away for six weeks and on our return I found that a […]

Shocking battery prices!

Hello Doctor Diesel,  I have a friend who has been driving a CitroÎn C-Zero for the last two and a half years. Recently, after heavy rain, she went through a very large puddle which has rendered her car useless. It is a write-off, as a new battery is £11,000! Surely if electric cars are the […]

Warning of intended prosecution

Question I have been served with a magistrates’ court requisition for speeding, but I have not prior to this received a notice of intended prosecution. I was stopped by the police at the time (about three months ago), although there was no accident or anything of that kind. All they told me is that I […]

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