Filter Tips

Hello Doc,   I think that you have perhaps covered this before in these pages, although maybe not for a while, as I could find no reference to it in recent issues. What would you consider borderline conditions, in terms of freedom from particulate filter problems (DPF), in terms of the length of typical journeys […]

Diesel, or what?

Following on from the letter by Sam Connell a couple of issues ago about engine capacity and reliability, I am thinking of replacing my wife’s Renault Clio with a new one, and I’m concerned about the reliability of these new small capacity engines. I worry that the extra complexity of the turbocharger and ancillaries is […]

Read the handbook

I recently bought a Renault Clio 1.5 dCi with stop-start. Surely all this cutting out at junctions can’t be good for the car – will it mean that my starter motor will need replacing more often? Barry Someone hasn’t bothered to read their Driver Handbook, have they Barry? If you had, you would know you […]

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