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Final Report Some cars stand the test of time. One is the Honda Civic. The Civic, now in its eleventh generation, has been with us for most of my life, having launched in 1972. My first meeting with the Civic came when a friend’s mum bought a Mark 1 three-door hatchback. It was exciting, even […]

Honda’s Civic pride

Honda has unveiled its latest British-built tenth-generation Civic model at this week’s Paris Motor Show and claims it represents a significant step forward for the company in the C-segment.

Honda’s powerful line-up at Frankfurt Motor Show

The 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show underlines an important year for Honda and will see the brand presenting its new model range of entirely refreshed and all-new cars displayed together. Alongside the new line-up, Honda will also showcase design concepts and advanced technologies, all demonstrating Honda’s unique creativity in meeting the personal mobility challenges of today and the future.

Which are the best diesel Honda cars to buy?

One of the best ways to boost fuel economy and reduce emissions, all at the same time, is by switching to clean diesel architecture. That move was made by Volkswagen around the world almost a decade ago, and how Honda is following suit.

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