What happens when I run out of charge?

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While statistically, it’s less common to run out of charge in an EV than it is to let a fuel tank run dry in a combustion engined car, the incident rate is only likely to increase as electric cars become more and more common. Thankfully the driving range of EVs is improving all the time, […]

Home charging speeds explained

If you’re buying a plug-in car or you’ve been given one as a company car, you may be wondering what on earth a home charger is versus a fast or rapid charger, which wallbox to go for, and why plugging a BMW iX into a three-pin plug will barely heat up its battery, let alone […]

The Extra Mile

With the good Doctor having addressed some of the realities of electricity supply and the practicalities of charging electric cars in Issue 391 “How it Works”, it’s not inappropriate for us to take a look at the cost side of the subject in this column. How, in the vastly different world of electric power, might […]

Bright Spark

Buying an electric car can bring quite a few changes to the life of any household. Visits to filling stations are replaced by plugging in overnight at home and there are financial changes too. A bigger electricity bill, but no more wallet-emptying petrol or diesel fill-ups is the main one, and there are significant differences […]

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