Private plates

how to avoid falling foul of the law Private or personalised number plates are a popular way for vehicle owners to add a personal touch to their favourite cars. This can help them stand out from the crowd, making them more quickly recognisable to family and friends, and help disguise the age of a cherished […]

Why it might be time to dig out your old steering wheel lock

You might think that, in this age of alarms, immobilisers and tracking devices, the humble steering wheel lock is like a relic from motoring of days gone by. But youíd be wrong, because sales of the devices doubled in 2017, as motorists took an old-school approach to solve a very modern problem.   After years […]

Dangerous Driving

Q  I was recently driving along the M40 motorway in light traffic and carefully entered lane three to overtake a lorry in lane one, and a vehicle travelling at around 65mph in lane two. I had my cruise control set at an indicated 73mph and noticed a car fly up behind me and start flashing its […]

It’s all white: for now, at least

The colour of our car matters enormously to us, but are we subject to changing fashions without even realising it? Craig Thomas investigates.   A car’s colour is important to us when we’re making a purchasing decision. It might not consciously be primary among our concerns – economy, reliability, safety and, increasingly, technology tend to be […]

Sleeping in my car

If I drive to a party, but decide that due to the amount of alcohol consumed I should not drive, is it legal for me to sleep in the car?

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