BYD to launch electric flagship model in Europe

BYD has announced that the Han EV, the company’s pure electric flagship model will be revealed in Europe. The Han EV is the first full-electric passenger car equipped with BYD’s new ‘Blade Battery’ technology – delivering greatly enhanced safety, improved range capability and a simplified, smaller pack design.

Chinese electric specialist BYD plans European expansion

BYD Europe has announced its strategy to embark upon the trial introduction of passenger cars in Europe, alongside longer-term plans to bring new BYD LCV and eTruck ranges to the European market. To mark the next phase of its growth strategy, and following its established eBus and eCoach presence in Europe, BYD will initially introduce the all new, full-electric, second-generation BYD ‘Tang’ compact SUV to the Norwegian market.

Bright Spark

Remember, remember the fifth of November, gunpowder, treason and plot. Everyone knows the old rhyme about Guy Fawkes’ foiled scheme to blow up Parliament in 1605, but motor industry executives may in future have more cause to remember, remember the fourth of November, the day in 2019 that Volkswagen commenced production of its mid-sized all-electric […]

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