A fate worse than breath?

I never thought I’d need a home breathalyser. Not because I’m some soberer-than-thou abstainer, but because the drinking I do is indoors, when I know I have no need to go back out. But if you find yourself out socialising with your car keys in your pocket, there’s never been a better time to be a […]

Alcosense Pro Fuel Cell Breathalyser

According to Alcosense, its Pro model breathalyser brings “near police accuracy into the reach of the consumer”, thanks to its 121mm2 fuel cell sensor, that’s an identical design to its 200mm2 big brother used in several UK, US and European police breathalysers. It also uses a sampling system that ensures only deep lung air is […]

Blowing Safe

Most sensible drivers stick to soft drinks ahead of any car trip. It is dangerously daft to do otherwise: hazardous for personal safety and that of others, and also risky for licence preservation. But there are also many who enjoy a drink, but aim to play safe by having just one or two, hopeful of […]

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