Fuelling the debate

I contacted you last year as I had been thinking of purchasing a new SUV – maybe a Land Rover Discovery Sport. But as I am very much a pensioner, the cost of a brand new vehicle, I decided, was just too high. So I have now purchased a 64 reg Land Rover Freelander Metropolis […]

Designing advanced fuels to go into advanced engines

After five years of scrupulous testing in harsh conditions, BP claims to have created a fuel that will tackle the problematic issue of dirt in the engine. Even a microscopic amount of dirt can have an adverse effect on a car’s performance, reducing economy and clogging up vital components such as fuel injectors and intake […]

The Extra Mile: April

If you’re a regular user of premium diesel fuels, or are sometimes tempted by their appeal, then you really need to see a tangible return on the extra £5 to £10 you will pay for every fill up.

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