Autonomous Driving: Automated Lane Keeping Systems – First Steps

The Department of Transport announced in April this year that “Motorists could see self-driving vehicles on British roads for the first time later this year.” This involves a limited definition of self-driving, in that vehicles fitted with Automated Lane Keeping Systems (ALKS) can, with suitable type approval, be legally defined as self-driving. The proposals are […]

Polestar joins with Waymo on self-driving tech

Polestar is part of a new strategic group partnership with Waymo, opening up new opportunities for the electric performance brand.  The agreement between Volvo Car Group and Waymo paves the way to develop and integrate Waymo’s fully self-driving technology in future Polestar vehicles.  Polestar says that L4 autonomy will enable it to offer an attractive product to companies that provide new mobility services, targeting the premium segment.

Nissan unveils ambitious electrification and in-car technology plans for 2022

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. has unveiled plans to launch growing numbers of electrified vehicles, expand and evolve autonomous driving systems, and accelerate vehicle connectivity as part of its Nissan M.O.V.E. to 2022 midterm plan. Among the targets, Nissan is aiming to sell 1 million electrified vehicles – either pure electric models or those with e-POWER powertrains – annually by fiscal year 2022.

Mazda research says 71 per cent still want to drive their own cars

Mazda research carried out by Ipsos MORI reveals that the joy of driving is alive and well in the UK, with 71 per cent of people surveyed saying they would still want to drive, even with self-driving technology available, whilst only 29 per cent actively welcome the arrival of autonomous vehicles

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