Fire and ice

Peering down into murky blackness in sub-zero temperatures, it was hard to believe that anything could be living there, deep beneath my thickly-booted feet. I was gazing into a hole cut in the unforgiving ice of a frozen lake in Swedish Lapland, watching for any sign of a twitch on the fishing line I had […]

Ice Ice Baby

Driving on ice for the first time isn’t something you want to attempt by accident. So how do you learn how to handle a car when the temperature tumbles? We sent the youngest member of the Diesel Car team to find out.   When it comes to ice and snow, in the UK at least, we always […]


A 500-odd mile road trip sounds easy peasy, but throw in some of the most inhospitable conditions anywhere in the world and things begin to get interesting. Phil Huff reports on an extra special expedition in Mazda’s CX-3 all-wheel-drive.    During our briefing, the words ìbeing out of the vehicle for any length of time […]

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