Too much of a merry Christmas

Despite 2020 largely being a write off for most of us with regard to our social plans, we can always (at least hopefully) still look forward to Christmas. Like many, I am optimistic that the current lockdown will end prior to the festive season getting into full swing. It would be fantastic if there was […]


At Motoring Defence Solicitors, we provide free advice to help any motorist who find themselves in a quandary. Below are some frequently asked questions that you might find useful for future reference.   If I am stopped by a police officer for speeding, but give him a slightly incorrect address so the summons doesn’t reach […]

How many can I have before driving?

Summer is approaching and with it comes a host of social and sporting events during which we typically find the number of motorists charged with offences increases. It becomes harder to resist that “one pint after work” when you walk outside to blazing sunshine and the overall mood is far more joyous than on a […]

Driving instruction and alcohol

Q  I am a learner driver and my husband is teaching me to drive. If we go to the pub and I donít drink any alcohol, but drive home with ëLí plates on, can he drink an amount of beer that will take him over the legal limit?   A  So long as your husband does not […]

Blowing Safe

Most sensible drivers stick to soft drinks ahead of any car trip. It is dangerously daft to do otherwise: hazardous for personal safety and that of others, and also risky for licence preservation. But there are also many who enjoy a drink, but aim to play safe by having just one or two, hopeful of […]

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