The fun of 4x4s… legally

The 4×4 and SUV market is forever growing and many motorists purchase these vehicles to experience the thrill of some off-road adventures. If the most excitement you see in your 4×4 is a full load of shopping on the way back from the supermarket, then it may be time to put it through its paces. […]

Bringing up the rear

Dear Dr Diesel and Ian, This might not be a topic for you. Apologies if it isn’t, and please could you make sure it is passed on to the right department, if needed? Yesterday we had heavy snow in The Midlands, and this resulted in the usual chaos. Having had a less than ‘fun morning’, […]

Expert opinion

Hi Doctor,   Firstly, can I just say I’m a chartered Electronics Engineer. I only say this to ensure you that I have researched a lot of what I’m about to say. This includes the opinions of battery engineers involved in large solar systems and highly qualified engineers connected to government projects.   Firstly, the […]

Land Cruiser has a go-anywhere attitude

With an off-road heritage spanning more than 65 years, Land Cruiser remains unique in its segment for its ability to combine outstanding quality, durability and reliability with unrivalled off-road performance and ever-greater levels of luxury, comfort and ownership prestige.

Guide to 4×4

If you are in need of a vehicle with the added safety and go-anywhere potential provided by four-wheel drive, you may be wondering which type is best suited to you, and probably what all the jargon means. Not only are there several different types of four-wheel drive technology, marketing departments love to confuse buyers by […]

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