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Letter three1I read the article “running report and useful tips” in this month’s magazine. I would just like to mention that I bought my first ever diesel engine car way back in 1992, and have had diesels ever since.

It was a pre-registered, bog-standard Citroen ZX 1.9D (non turbocharged). I kept it for ten years during which it covered 197,000 miles, including a few camping trips to the south of France, towing a Dandy trailer tent in between.

It has proved to be the most reliable car to date, only breaking down twice with a minor problem (flat battery and a blocked fuel filter).

However, to get to the point, the purpose of this e-mail is to say that the first time I needed to change my tyres (Michelin from new) was at 67,000 miles on the front and 87,000 on the back. Quite impressive I thought!

Thanks for a great read.

Ian Wright

Most impressive indeed! They must have been mostly straight roads that you drive on, and quite carefully. Not that you would ever be laying rubber on the tarmac with the old non-turbo ZX.

I think maybe, like in Formula One, they make tyres to wear out more quickly these days. Something worth looking into. Maybe we get more road grip now, but at the expense of tyre life?


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