Choosing your next diesel car

It can be overwhelming trying to decide which make and model you need so spend a little time researching online, reading magazines, watching television programmes and thinking before you buy a diesel car. Check out sites like DieselCar online for great reviews.

Diesel vs. petrol

There’s plenty of debate about Diesel vs. Petrol so how do you decide? Well Diesel cars retain their value better than their petrol counterparts, something you might want to consider when buying a new or used diesel car. The diesel engine is designed to be more efficient and therefore you can expect better CO2 emissions which will result in lower car tax. Because the engine is more efficient you can enjoy an improved fuel economy than a petrol version. The diesel engine has more torque so if you plan to go off on caravan holidays or need to tow a horse box the diesel is the better choice for your leisure needs.

What do we need?

One of the first things to consider is what you will be using the car for. If this is a true family car then you might want to write a list of the typical journeys you make in a year. If you simply need something to take the children to school during the week then a smaller diesel car could be ideal, a little hatchback which can easily fit into any space and has enough room for school bags and PE Kits.


Now there’s no doubt that the way your car looks speaks volumes. So think long and hard before you buy your diesel car about whether you can cope with Lime Green! If you are planning to resell the car at some point in the future you may want to pick one of the more popular colours for the model. Also look at the gadgets and gizmos, for long car journeys it’s great to have air conditioning and electric windows. If you’ve got a young family you might want the flexibility of four doors so there’s less arguing when you are getting everyone into the car.  If you are not sure which car to choose the best thing to do is speak to the advisor in the showroom, seeing your diesel car, sitting inside it before you buy is essential. There are number of dealers like Evans Halshaw who have experience helping you find the diesel car that’s right for you.



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