Warts and all

Very early in my career, as a junior reporter on a local newspaper, I was lectured by my then news editor about precisely who I served. My responsibility, he said sternly, was to honestly inform my readers, while writing skillfully enough to please my newspaper bosses – principally him! – and not to concern myself […]


Ride comfort was a key feature of early Citroëns, and now it is once again the definitive goal for future models. Sue Baker reports.   Citroën is on a mission. Ride comfort is what once defined its cars, with the legendary cushioned glide of the DS 19’s hydropneumatic suspension fondly remembered by anyone who experienced it. […]

Driving the driverless debate

Motoring is on the brink of a brave new world of driverless cars. Autonomous vehicles are no longer the stuff of science fiction, they are almost here. So who is driving the debate about what happens next? Cue a conference in London hosted by the Association of British Insurers, insurance industry research centre Thatcham, and […]

High Mile Club – 228,000 mile 2006 Citroën C5 Estate 2.0 HDi 136 Automatic

Nine years ago, IT programme manager Hugues Lecoeuche bought an ex-demonstrator Citroën C5 Estate from a local dealer near his home in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire. He paid £18,000 for the four-months-old 2.0-litre HDi 136 Exclusive Automatic edition, with 4,000 miles on the clock. What a good buy that has turned out to be. The C5’s […]

High Mile – 1998 Volkswagen Beetle 1.9 TDI

353084 Miles Back in the summer of 1998, British ex-pat Sebastian Montagu, resident in the USA, decided he fancied a new Volkswagen Beetle. It had then recently arrived on the market, reviving the name and silhouette of the iconic original. He bought it from the VW dealer in Amesbury, Massachusetts. The price was around $20,000 […]

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