Businesses wake up to electric power

Electric commercial vehicles are on the march. In July this year, the US Postal Service modified an order for 50,000 mail trucks that it had placed with Oshkosh Defence only a few months earlier so that it could include far more EVs. Petrol powered vehicles were due to make up 90% of the order, but […]

Vauxhall Grandland Ultimate 1.5 Turbo D Automatic

This is the new, refreshed Vauxhall Grandland. It looks much improved over its predecessor, doesn’t it? Looks, design – call it what you will – are of course subjective, but in this specification and two-tone colour combination, you’ll be a pretty strong glass-half-empty kind of soul to think otherwise. For a mid-life refresh, there’s a […]

Hyundai i10 Premium 1.2 MPi

First Report City cars are a dying breed, and that’s a shame – especially when they’re as accomplished as Hyundai’s i10. Why are they facing extinction? Consumers’ ever-hungry appetite for larger SUVs is one factor, which combined with car makers’ desire to focus on pricier and more profitable models for business survival, means many of […]

Honda e Advance

First report The Honda e burst onto the electric vehicle scene back in the summer of 2020, and proved that concept car style does translate to the road. Its ‘face’ recalls cars from the 1970s and 1980s, with twin single headlamps flanking either end of a gloss black ‘grille’ panel. Its dinky dimensions and upright […]

Synthetic fuels

Synthetic fuels are nothing particularly new, and we’re familiar with GTL (Gas to Liquid) fuels that are made from natural gas. The Fischer-Tropsch process that’s used for this can employ all kinds of hydrocarbon raw materials, to create designer fuels like kerosene, petrol and diesel, all of them significantly purer and lower in emissions than […]