Do you remember the 1991 W140 S-Class? The mighty W140 is generally considered to be one of the finest cars ever made, and it’s often said to be the last model to embody Mercedes’ uncompromising old-school engineering-led approach to product development. But this mostly magnificent Merc also harvested a fair amount of criticism alongside the […]

Cupra Formentor VZ2 e-Hybrid 245 DSG Automatic

The birth of Cupra is an interesting tale with quite a twist. Originally SEAT’s sporty sub-brand – think AMG for Mercedes-Benz – Cupra is today a marque in its own right. In fact, the success of this dynamic new brand has been so impressive that SEAT is to leave the mainstream car manufacturing party after […]

Laser Tools Extendable Flexi Head Ratchet

How often have you tried, and failed, to access a hard-to-reach fastener on your car, bicycle, motorcycle, caravan or maybe the lawnmower, and had to pay a specialist instead? Undoing a tricky nut or bolt can be an expensive business if you call in the pros, so investing a little in the right tools instead […]

Light pollution

Hi Doc I have a 2017 Focus, and back in 2021 it started to show a warning light for tyre sensors not detected. After being reset, they did not come on again for a few days. Gradually the warning started to come on more and more, until it appeared every time the car was driven […]

Honda Civic e:HEV Advance 2.0 i-MMD

Diesel Car Eco Honda

Final Report Some cars stand the test of time. One is the Honda Civic. The Civic, now in its eleventh generation, has been with us for most of my life, having launched in 1972. My first meeting with the Civic came when a friend’s mum bought a Mark 1 three-door hatchback. It was exciting, even […]

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