A is for Allegro: An Alphabet of Curious Cars

Take a trip down memory lane, with an illustrated A-Z of nostalgic cars from the 60s, 70s and 80s. Designer and illustrator Roy McCarthy explores the models that impacted him during his formative years, from the sludge-coloured Austin Allegro his father owned in 1975, to the Ford Zephyr he lusted after. Words are accompanied with […]

Kia Niro Hybrid 4 1.6 GDi

Fifth Report The whole point about a hybrid is that they’re easy on mpg and emissions. They’re popular in cities because who wants a full EV when there aren’t enough public chargers, and you can’t guarantee parking outside your home in order to trip people up with an electric cable across the pavement. So it’s […]

Citroën C4 Shine Plus BlueHDi 130 Automatic

Report five Keyless entry technology is awesome. A real labour-saving addition to a car’s kit list, and I’m constantly grateful that it’s a feature of my C4. While I often come across as a Luddite, what with my disdain for creeping automation and intrusive ‘safety’ features, not having to fumble for your keys while grappling […]

Peugeot 2008 GT BlueHDi 110

Second Report The winter weather is starting to show its hand, with sunny warm days replaced with the UK’s more traditional wet and windy benchmark. While that’s bad news for BBQs and trips to the beach, it does at last give us the chance to properly test out our Peugeot 2008’s gadgets that are designed […]

Made in Dagenham

At 1:16pm on October 1st, 1931, the first Ford manufactured in the UK rolled off the production line in Dagenham, at Ford’s brand-new global plant. Now, 90 years later, Ford is celebrating the achievements of the hundreds of thousands of people who have contributed to Ford Dagenham’s success, and looking towards its future. Following in […]