Sue Baker – 1947 to 2022

It is with great sadness, and with tears in my eyes, that I announce that Sue Baker has lost her fight with Motor Neurone Disease, passing away aged just 75.


MINI has reduced the complexity of its line-up by axing all MINI Hatch One models, discontinuing manual transmission derivatives and deleting the MINI Electric Level 1. In addition, all model lines are no longer available in Sport specification, though Classic and Exclusive models remain. The discontinuation of models means that the cheapest MINI, the Cooper […]

Ford Kuga ST-Line X Edition 2.5 PHEV automatic

Invariably when someone new asks me what I do for a living, I wince for a moment, as I know what question will come next. A bit like a doctor, who gets asked about a medical problem the person is suffering with, I tend to get asked either what the best car I’ve ever driven […]

Ford Kuga ST-Line X Edition 2.5 PHEV automatic

Second Report Following my ‘hello’ report last month, I thought I would go into some detail about the technology that is found under the skin of my Kuga. The give away that this isn’t a conventionally powered petrol or diesel Kuga is the charger flap that is located on the passenger side front wing, together […]

Ford Kuga ST-Line X Edition 2.5 PHEV

First Report Regular readers will remember our earlier attempt to run a plug-in hybrid version of the Kuga for five months last year. And while we were largely smitten with the drivetrain, being able to plug it in for electrical top-ups were brought to an abrupt end, due to a problem with the Kuga’s battery […]