Who buys private number plates?

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Personalised Number plates have long been purchased by people from all walks of life, since now there is something affordable for almost everyone irrespective of their income.


Of course some very short plates like 1 GO, 1 DR,  8 JW or single digit single letter plates like  P 2 or 4 B would only be affordable to the super rich, some worth well over £150,000, but there are millions of more ordinary personal number plates available to purchase for just a couple of hundred pounds.


CarReg.co.uk say their customers have many different ideas and it is often down to personal taste as to what some are prepared to display on their vehicle.  Vehicle specific plates are really popular, some petrol (diesel) heads who just love to spell out something relating to the vehicle the registration plate is adorned to. A customer recently splashing out around a few thousand pounds for SPY 458X to go on to a Ferrari 458 Spider, whilst there are some who are devout football fans who want to incorporate their beloved team name or initials. Most people search for their own initials or abbreviation of their name, as these type of purchases can be kept a lifetime, often proving to be sound long term investments. Some numbers worth more than three times now, what they cost just ten years ago. Novelty and gimmick plates often raise a smile,  things with FA57..spelling FAST or BO55 for BOSS or followed by 3 letters, can be good fun. Naughty/Rude plates like OR62 ASM or FAB 53X will always turn heads, but are probably not everyone’s cup of tea to display on their motor car!


Cheap number plates are popular for those on a tight budget with initials like ASZ, JLZ, RCZ are examples that can make ideal cheap alternatives to for those with initials AS, JL, RC which would be much more expensive. For those lucky enough to be picking up a new car this Spring, there are many “20 series” combinations to personalise your new whip with prices starting from around £399.  These are for vehicles first registered from 1st March 2020.


CarReg are a UK leading Private Number Plate supplier who have been buying and selling personalised registrations for over three decades.


They are reliable, respected and trusted amongst the trade and have more than 4200 reviews with “Excellent rating” on Trustpilot. The slick, easy to navigate website/search system, allows for simple online ordering once you have made your choice. Their knowledge of the industry is second to none with an emphasis on providing the best customer experience. Call 01902 791997, or browse for your perfect car reg today…

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