Suzuki Swift1.4 Boosterjet Mild Hybrid Sport

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Report 6 The Swift Sport Hybrid is primarily designed to be a fun to drive supermini – something it does very well. It’s nippy, entertaining, and capable of carrying the weekly shopping. Ours has needed to be pretty versatile this month, venturing into the territories of people mover and dog van. The Swift’s first unusual […]

Suzuki Swift 1.4 Boosterjet Mild Hybrid Sport

Report 2 They say that size isn’t everything, but I beg to differ – although not in the direction you might think. Our dinky Suzuki Swift Sport is perfectly pint-sized for our frequently congested narrow roads. The fact is that new cars are typically bigger than what came before, but our roadways remain unchanged. From […]

Suzuki Across 2.5 PHEV E-Four Automatic

Second Report It doesn’t feel like such a long time ago that, with a couple of new SUVs on the way, traditionally retail sales-weighted Suzuki was sizing up fleet opportunities with some competitive diesel engines. That groundwork and relationship-building has held firm in the meantime, but hybrids are at the forefront today and the Across […]

Three jeers for the badmobile

The perfect wheels for a chemistry teacher or discreet drug kingpin, Walter White’s 2004 Pontiac Aztek was the most inspired piece of autocasting in a generation of dark-comedy drama. Officially, the Aztek was chosen to match 2008 drama Breaking Bad’s setting in New Mexico, given the badge references. But its brutally angular resonance with Walter’s […]


Report 6 Normally I’ll reach for the bucket and sponge when I need to wash a car, but recently a lack of time and enthusiasm for the DIY approach saw me embrace the local jet wash. You know the drill; you spend some money for seven minutes and a little more for 10 minutes. I […]

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