Vauxhall Grandland Ultimate 1.5 Turbo D Automatic

REPORT 3 Vauxhall’s are everywhere. And yes, I know you start noticing or spotting cars wearing the same badge as yours, but this is next level. There’s literally a Vauxhall at every turn – of all eras too – and I’m amazed at the variety proudly wearing the griffin badge, from fresh out of the […]

Vauxhall Grandland Ultimate 1.5 Turbo D Automatic

This is the new, refreshed Vauxhall Grandland. It looks much improved over its predecessor, doesn’t it? Looks, design – call it what you will – are of course subjective, but in this specification and two-tone colour combination, you’ll be a pretty strong glass-half-empty kind of soul to think otherwise. For a mid-life refresh, there’s a […]

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