Peugeot adds pure electric hatchback and SW to 308 line-up

Already available in electrified plug-in hybrid versions, the two new Peugeot 308 silhouettes – the hatchback and estate SW, will be available in 100% electric version from 2023. Peugeot will be the first European manufacturer to offer a 100% electric estate. The electric 308 and 308 SW will be powered by a brand-new electric engine, developing 154bhp (115kW) and with a range of over 250 miles (WLTP cycle) depending on the level of equipment.

This dual offer is a no-compromise response, perfectly adapted to the needs of C-segment customers: the unique look of the 308 is combined with the driving pleasure characteristic of Peugeot models, and with segment-leading efficiency, with an average fuel consumption of 12.7 kWh. Available in the Allure and GT trim levels, the new Peugeot e-308 and e-308 SW will arrive on the market successively in mid-2023.

The badging reflects the e-308 nomenclature

The design of the new Peugeot e-308 and e-308 SW is rooted both in the Peugeot DNA and in a dynamic, upmarket reference world. The longer front bonnet enhances the silhouette, the volumes are sensual and sharp, and the brand’s new crest is proudly displayed in the centre of the grille. The overall optimisation of the architecture benefits the interior space. At the front, the fang-shaped light signature frames the Matrix LED headlamps, perfectly integrating the 308 and 308 SW into the Peugeot family, as do the three-claw LED lights at the rear.

A new 18-inch aluminium wheel has been specifically developed for the 100% electric versions of the Peugeot 308 and 308 SW. Its aerodynamic efficiency is particularly well designed to optimise performance.

A brand new fully electric engine will be launched on the new Peugeot e-308 and e-308 SW: with 154bhp (115kW) and 192lb ft (260Nm) of torque (available from 0 km/h) for immediate responsiveness. The new engine will drive the e-308 silently, without vibration and without CO2 emissions. This engine will complement the current range, which includes 178bhp/132 kW and 221bhp/162 kW plug-in hybrids and internal combustion versions. The gearbox on the Peugeot e-308 and e-308 SW optimises its range, while maintaining a high level of performance with a responsiveness specific to electric engines.

The battery is also new generation. It is a 54 kWh high-voltage battery (51 kWh useful) with a new chemistry. The battery has a new chemical composition with 80% Nickel – 10% Manganese – 10% Cobalt, which operates at 400 volts and allows a range of over 400 km according to the WLTP protocol (approval in progress).

Efficiency was a major concern for the Peugeot e-308 and e-308 SW engineers, since the combined efforts in terms of engine, battery, aerodynamics (optimisation of the front end and underbody), weight optimisation (EMP2 platform) and reduction of friction losses (class A tyres) has made it possible to attain remarkably low average energy consumption: 12.7 kWh per 100 km, a benchmark among 100% electric vehicles in the C segment.

In addition, in order to manage energy consumption as effectively as possible, the driver can select his or her driving mode (Eco, Normal and Sport), and even, thanks to the “Brake” mode, increase deceleration when the accelerator pedal is released in order to optimise energy recovery.

The on-board three-phase charger comes as standard and has a power rating of 11 kW. The charging socket accepts all charging modes. From a 100kW public charging point, the vehicle charge will go from 20% to 80% charge in less than 25 minutes.

Technologically, the new Peugeot e-308 and e-308 SW feature the latest generation of driving aids to promote calm and safe driving. These include adaptive cruise control with Stop and Go function, long-range blind spot monitoring (75 metres) and Rear Traffic Alert, which warns of danger when reversing.

For its driver and passengers, the new Peugeot e-308 and e-308 SW offer the latest generation of the Peugeot i-Cockpit, recognisable by its compact, heated steering wheel, dedicated to driving pleasure and controlled agility, the 3-dimensional digital head-up display, which can be customised and configured and its central 10-inch touch screen.

The emphasis has been placed on cabin craftsmanship, inventiveness with fully configurable virtual i-toggles, and connectivity including the latest i-Connect® Advanced technology, an infotainment system that makes the driving and travelling experience more intuitive and rewarding.

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