Kia reacts to Venga crash test results

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During rigorous crash testing it was seen that there was a small risk that the lower section of the front seatbelts in its new Venga model could become damaged by contact with the lower seat mounting rail.

Kia Motors (UK) Ltd. immediately suspended delivery of the 450 vehicles destined for customers and has contacted the owners of the only four Venga models to have left dealers’ showrooms and has already conducted the modification to prevent this damage.

Across Europe only 1161 cars destined for or delivered to customers were affected by this action and no reports of this potential problem have been received from customers.

Michael Cole, Managing Director of Kia Motors (UK) Ltd., said: “The protection of our customers is our top-most priority and we will undertake whatever action is required to ensure that.

“We immediately suspended deliveries and have asked our dealers to carry out the modification which involves fitting a protective sleeve to the belts and takes around 15 minutes.

“Our factory production process has been changed to incorporate the fitting of the modified sleeve. We have already contacted the four customers who had taken delivery of their Vengas and we have carried out the modification on their cars,” he added.

Any customers with concerns should contact Kia’s Customer Services on 0845 601 7521.

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