Weigh to go!

My son asked “So how much does this e-Rifter weigh?” It seemed a decent question. He wanted to know the weight compared to the last vehicle I ran. Pound for pound, might there be some bargain to be savoured in the Peugeot. So we checked the scales and he’s kind of right. Here’s how the […]

It’s official: an EV may save you dosh, but it’s no steal

If you’ve crossed over to the spark side, congratulations! You’ve ditched combustion and now are free to pursue a motoring life unshackled from the angst of fuel queues, GBH from unanticipated mechanical bills and those ever-looming existential questions that nag anyone who doesn’t have a second home on planet B.  But there must, surely, be […]

A fate worse than breath?

I never thought I’d need a home breathalyser. Not because I’m some soberer-than-thou abstainer, but because the drinking I do is indoors, when I know I have no need to go back out. But if you find yourself out socialising with your car keys in your pocket, there’s never been a better time to be a […]

Game on!

Hiker and haikuist Matuo Basho, the Japanese poet, once said “the journey itself is my home”. I’m assuming he didn’t have kids. I’m as one with Basho when it comes to going solo. Push me out of the door with a road map and a clear diary and I’m more than happy to spend days […]

A captive audience

You don’t need to have visited all of Britain’s 112 motorway service areas (MSAs) to know that the quality of a ‘visitor experience’ can vary enormously. The first non-temporary MSA to open in Britain did so 62 years ago. Newport Pagnell, on the M1, was constructed in a spirit of elation, designed to be a […]

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