How does the Government’s Plug-in Car Grant work?


First introduced in 2011, the plug-in car grant (PiCG) was established by the Government to encourage the buyers of new cars to choose low emissions models. It worked by automatically reducing the purchase price of new plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles with a subsidy to make them more affordable. In this article we’ll look into […]

Celebrating 35 years of Sunderland manufacturing

Nissan is celebrating 35 years of production at its Sunderland plant in style, with a one-off commission called ‘Newbird’. The mash up of the first model to roll off the line and the Leaf’s EV powertrain is described as “all that is great” about the factory. The Nissan Bluebird was the earliest car manufactured in […]

Volvo V60 Cross Country B4 AWD Automatic

First Report It’s a tale of two Volvo’s this month, as a stroke of misfortune instead turned into a pretty handy experiment. With the Crystal White Volvo V60 Cross Country you see above not quite ready for delivery in time for a road trip to Devon, Volvo graciously sent a Fusion Red V60 R-Design to […]

Will my EV battery deteriorate like the one in my smartphone does?

Next to driving range, the life of an EV’s battery pack is often one of the biggest worries cited by prospective electric car buyers. It’s hardly a surprise, given that we’ve all experienced the reduction in battery life of smartphones and other technology after just a few years use, which often then become disposable items. […]